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Non-State Educational Institution. Non-Commercial Partnership “Lomonosov Boarding School”

Lomonosov Boarding School, the first private school in Moscow district of Ramenskoye ,is well-known and respected in many regions of Russian Federation and its neighboring countries. Pupils arrive at our school from Moscow and its suburbs, from Siberia and the Far East, from the Urals, northern, southern and central Russia and even from abroad.

School rating is going up constantly, younger brothers and sisters of our pupils follow elder ones close, school is recommended to friends and acquaintances. School Headmistress Marina Moiseevna Korenkova set up this school and has become the leader of the community of teachers, pupils and parents.

Lomonosov Boarding School has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. A highly skilled school’s staff, sharing the same ideas has been formed, new school buildings and facilities have been built, up-to-date equipment and means of transport have been bought. The most difficult stage of school’s formation has been successfully got over. Now school is a big, friendly family, where everyone knows each schoolmate by name, where victories and achievements are celebrated and failures are overcome together.

The remarkable school tradition Lomonosov Day is held in November to commemorate the birthday of Mikhail Lomonosov. It’s some kind of intellectual marathon. The pupils of primary and secondary school form teams to compete with each other in knowledge of various subjects. This holiday unites pupils of different ages and creates the atmosphere of friendship and support.

School Scientific Society “Leader” specializes in project work of our pupils in different subjects: literature and art, history and native land studies, drama and floriculture. The pupils present their projects at the conference held at the end of every school year.

The main advantages of a private boarding school compared to a state-owned school are obvious.

Firstly, it’s the complex of standard and optional services provided and, certainly, the high quality of all services.

Secondly, the limited number of pupils in classes enables teachers to practice individual approach to each child.

Thirdly, school psychological and speech therapy service ensures the progress and predictable success of our pupils in studies.

 Our schoolchildren are offered different optional sport activities such as tennis, swimming, etc., they also are able to attend dance, art and music clubs.

School buildings and its territory are not rented, they are privately owned. Fenced guarded territory, two-bed and three-bed rooms for boarders, healthy and tasty meals, transferring in the morning and in the evening by school busses, comfortable conditions of ecologically clean region are additional argument for choosing the appropriate school for your child.

Five programmes of Lomonosov Boarding-School.

School. Teaching at Lomonosov boarding-school provides individual support and help to every student. Forming and development of individuality able to successful participation in cross-cultural communication is our main purpose.

In pre-junior school our little pupils obtain their first knowledge of the English language and culture. Our qualified teachers enable students to pass all sorts of international examinations successfully with rather high score. School also offers students to study optional languages like French or German. During vacations students can practise English visiting English-speaking countries. Development of mental abilities and intellect is the main aim for our staff and experts. The application of the unique technology ‘Intellect’ created by PhD M. Ziganov lets our students use their memory skills in the most appropriate way.

Our high school offers its students profiled educational courses considering their personal abilities and interests. We are proud of our high qualified charismatic staff and experts and a wide range of achievements received by our pupils in different fields of knowledge. Our experienced psychologists help pupils, their parents and teachers to face all sorts of problems, make right decisions and overcome difficult situations.

Speech therapists sort out many speech and pronunciation difficulties connected with the process of education.

After lessons our pupils have an excellent opportunity to attend various extra-curriculum activities, go on excursions and exhibitions, participate in school performances and entertain themselves by dancing, singing and drawing. All our efforts result in children’s ability to overcome their fears and become successful.

Boarding –school is a possibility for school and children to resolve a sophisticated forming problem and to provide high-quality education for children from any region. We pride ourselves on comfortable living conditions, a wide range of exciting extracurriculum cultural activities and the ‘family’ atmosphere of our boarding-school. Our top priority deals with offering our pupils an intense and interesting staying at our boarding-school and developing their potential whilst encouraging self-discipline and mutual respect.

Pre-Junior School. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the way of initiating of educational process. It determines a child’s attitude towards education in general, whether amusing and stimulating or forced and complicated process, concerned with facing great difficulties.

The programme of preparing a child for school represents a complicated and integrated process that demands special conditions. Enthusiastic and caring staff and experts being the top priority for us to ensure peace of mind for everyone. At Lomonosov Pre-Junior school children are constantly attended and supervised by qualified teachers, psychologists and speech-therapists.

Our educational programmes give children the opportunity to reveal themselves in reading and writing, mathematics and languages. Special course of developing their intellectual abilities is also provided. We start teaching English using state-run programmes specified by providing individual help, support and tuition, tailored to the age and needs of each child within the classroom. The other half of the day our children spend attending a balance of Sport and Art&Crafts self-improving activities on the campus dedicated facilities.

Educational progress is regularly monitored and parental consultation take place throughout the school y ear both formally and informally.

Saturday School provides several educational programmes on artistic and musical development for children from 3.5 to 7 years old. Choreography and physical education classes at a game level are forming the sense of rhythm and good coordination. They help to obtain a correct posture and a nice gait. The school leavers have the opportunity to attend a special training course for the State Exam (ЕГЭ) on different subjects.

 Summer Camp. Lomonosov Intellectual Sanitating Complex offers excellent holidays for children. ‘LIK’ is a unique leisure and educational project where it is interesting and exciting for children and the work with children is done professionally at the top level! During the holidays children benefit pleasant stories and exclusively positive emotions which they eagerly share with their friends and parents after the fascinating holidays!

The teaching staff of Lomonosov Boarding-School believe that the school has developed a unique educational medium for bringing up new leaders!

Our school graduates enter prestigious educational institutions of Moscow and Europe. The acquired school experience helps the students to study, to apply the gained knowledge and to organize themselves and their time properly.


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